Philips S338-changing turn Listed

With a new design style S301/S308 ( Ali cloud version / Android version ) is a typical entry- Philips ‘s specifications are not outstanding, but fortunately distinctive design , in order to carry forward this advantage , using the same style of the new machine – Philips S338 again.

If only S308 and S338 comparison between the design , you will not find a trace of the difference between the outline and detail design of the entire site of both the same , only the S338 has a more popular color Tyrant gold color . Also due to the increased screen size naturally bigger , S338 measurements are 131 * 67.1 * 9.1mm, slightly thinner than S308.

More different base configuration is reflected in all aspects of the part , Philips S338 screen , processor, memory and batteries stronger than S301/S308 , S338 equipped with a 1.3GHz frequency MT6582M main quad-core processor , 1GB of RAM upgrade combination of RAM and 4G of storage space , increase the screen size to 4.5 inches, and uses IPS technology also has qHD resolution level ( 960 * 540 ) , and finally the battery , S308 1400 mA battery current is relatively small , after the upgrade S338 comes standard with a 1700 mA battery.

S338 is still a product to support China Unicom ‘s 3G network , running Android 4.2 system , camera specifications to maintain 300,000 / 5,000,000 pixels match.

Price has been listed S301/S308 priced at around $ 600, plus the new upgrade on the color of the S338 tall or near the expected market price in the thousands .

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