Great God Cool 1S performance start booking

Yulong Coolpad 5.20 this rich romantic day chosen to hold the “Great God Festival”, released in conjunction with a variety of new products, among them an upgraded version of the original Okami – Okami 1S , enhance the processor, memory, two core parts to maintain the original price.

Just a few days ago, this product has been the first appointment at the beginning of Jingdong Mall, the first time was snapping at 10:08 on June 4, priced at 1,888 yuan.

Cool Great God

In the face surrounded by enemies, the Great God 1S upgrade listed clearly in order to enhance their competitiveness, and therefore chose MediaTek volume production chip specifications highestMT6592T , with a high frequency of 2GHz, in addition to replacing the 2GB DDR3 RAM, less small power consumption while improving operational performance, ROM increased to 16GB.

The above specification upgrades to enhance certain aspects of the performance, intuitive reaction on security Bunny run points, equipped with 2G MTK6592 great God won eight nuclear 1S nearly 30,002 thousand high scores.

Great God to run sub-1S
Left is a great God to run sub-1S

After the listing of the new version, the original version was not off the shelf, 1.7GHz version of the Great God is still in the official mall and other platforms offering cheaper than 1S 400 yuan, 1,488 yuan for sale, May 27 will begin a new round of panic buying.

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