TCL crazy! 6 inches long as 1399 yuan Hero N3

Which TCL’s largest mobile phone screen? I believe every concern of domestic mobile phone users know the answer, with six-inch giant screen Hero N3 end of the market, up to 83.4% of the large screen size products accounted become the leader in the rich have a big screen control of all ages .

This shows the strength of TCL mobile phone industrial design market price is 1999 yuan, 1699 yuan recently has been on sale prices online, TCL recently held its annual big promotion activities, given the history of a variety of product lines idol lowest, among them Hero N3. N3 has begun limited sales promotions in TCL official flagship store and Jingdong Mall, just straight down 300 yuan 1399 yuan! Unicom / Mobile has.

TCL Hero N3

Hardware Hero N3 6 inches 1080P Full fitting screen, equipped with 1.5GHz main frequencyMT6589T RAM/16G quad-core processor and 2G ROM memory, there are 13 million-pixel main camera with Sony stacked two million front camera, 3400 mm On battery, dual card standby, OTG and wireless charging capabilities, and a customized Android 4.2 system. Rich accessories also form part of Hero N3, there are lattice design with LED lights shell folder, Bluetooth wireless charging small mobile phones and accessories.

The aircraft is designed to highlight outstanding, less unilateral border 2mm, coupled with the extreme compression of the upper and lower front area, the screen is very good proportion, color, black and white color options.

TCL Hero N3

If you do not like the big screen, you can also choose though idol X or idol X +, these two phones have different degrees of decline on the basis of the original price, idol X sold 999 yuan, while the 2G high frequency eight nuclear idol X + also has 1499 yuan unprecedented low prices.

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