In early March of this year, there is news to music videos and television started to be done depending on the phone behind the R & D team is from Meizu. According to Sina reported, following last year's resignation from Meizu Mo Green Day, vice president, vice president, Ma Lin also joined the music as Meizu, which also means the music, as previously rumored upcoming mobile phone business.
Currently, the music, as the official forum has added a new module called "smart mobile device", one of the moderators of the ID is "Im Ma Lin," the official certification of music as music, as TV executives. Meizu Ma Lin, vice president of Sina Weibo ID is "Im Ma Lin."
It is reported that Ma Lin during Meizu office as vice president and is responsible for almost all involved in research and development Meizu phones and Flyme OS.
Currently, the music, as is hiring Android development engineers, UI designers and product managers vision, apparently in preparation for the phone. According to informed sources, the music, as the phone will be released this year, a series of video features.
To be sure, joining two executives of Meizu, the development of mobile music, as told to bring no small help.

Meizu executives to join: music as the phone is coming!-86DIGI