Recently, foreign media through the simulator shows a 4.7 -inch iPhone 6, iOS 7 pre-installed system.As for the timing of the launch the machine, the German media's answer was: release is expected in August, September.Together to learn about the below.

1704 x 960 pixel resolution iPhone 6 listed-86DIGI

The iPhone 6 listed time confirmation

In fact, the iPhone 6 two versions of the story has been going on for a long time, including version 4.7 inches and 5.5 inches.Images of the 4.7 inch version of the iPhone 6 compared with iPhone 5 s, system version of iOS 7.The biggest change is the iPhone 6 of application is enlarged.The resolution of the current 4.7 -inch iPhone 6 for leaks, or to 1704 x 960 pixels, can solve the problem of application compatibility.While the iPhone 5 s resolution of 1136 x 640 pixels, it seems there is a magnified compared to the same possibility.

In addition, the number of 4.7 -inch iPhone 6 color also received confirmed that and will be equipped with sapphire glass screen, iOS system.Using 64 A8, built-in Healthbook health applications.According to news, samsung Galaxy Note 4 will join the innovative elements, equipped with 2 k on three sides by the flexible screen.When the two phones it is Long Hudou, let's wait and see!