Apple files a patent application U.S. Patent and Trademark Office recently released data show that in the future will be equipped with iOS or output 6V to 20V charger, charger break now restricted to 5V. This means that Apple should be equipped with a "super cell" in the iOS device? Apple's goal is to make iOS devices may charge faster. Maybe iPhone6 ​​released this fall, and will be equipped with this new charger yet.

iPhone 6 will have a “super cell”?-86DIGI

Apple in the application that is currently charging a long time from one hour to 12 hours range, the main limiting factor is the voltage of 5V. With the future of larger capacity battery as standard, 5V obviously can not meet the needs of customers fast charging. Schematic display, iPhone charger can be used to charge up to 20V.
This is a patent application is filed in the fourth quarter of 2013, whether Apple will be approved before the listing 6V to 20V charger, this is not good to say. Do you think your iPhone or iPad 20V charger you need?