Abstract: recently, following the "real" eight nuclear mediatek MT6592 processor, compared with the samsung after repeatedly problem eight nuclear "fake", 5410, as if is worse than false.Eight nuclear points also run very much, at least have more advantage in marketing, in addition rivals qualcomm has also been does not intend to eight nuclear, MTK for the first time in the product...
Recently, following the "real" eight nuclear mediatekMT6592Compared to processors, samsung had repeatedly problems "fake eight nuclear" 5410, really like is worse than false.Eight nuclear points also run very much, at least have more advantage in marketing, in addition rivals qualcomm has also been does not intend to eight nuclear, MTK first ahead of rivals in the products, but the truth is so?

Four work modes of multicore chips

The current multi-core chips working pattern mainly has four kinds:Same frequency induction, different frequency asynchronous, different frequency synchronization and same frequency synchronization.

Qualcomm product line at present there is no eight nuclear, only four cores.

Including Snapdragon S4 belong to the same frequency induction, which is the same chip in the spectrum, such as 1.6 G frequency, can switch two A9 cores, at a time can also be opened entirely.(can open the number of nuclear scale 2:4)

Qualcomm another product line 600 and 800, USES a different frequency induction, according to the time sequence, after opening a A15, to open 2 A7, different frequency bands of nuclear can alternate switch.(can open for shows proximately 1:2:4 as the proportion of nuclear number)

Samsung's "false eight nuclear" 5410 belong to different frequency synchronization, which is a switch only four nuclear, generally is closed up A7 A15, A15 A7 closed when open.(can open the auditing of 4)

And there's a same frequency synchronization, after the quad-core 6589 MTK is this way, one can only open four with spell of A7 (number can open nuclear is 4)

We already knowMT6592Will use eight nuclear A7 architecture, so it must be the same frequency.The remaining two options is same frequency synchronization (can open nuclear number is 8) or same frequency asynchronous (can open the number of nuclear 2:4:8).

“Real” eight nuclear mediatek MT6592 eight core CPU will release, is a breakthrough or a stunt?-86DIGI

Pilot frequency induction is the optimal choice

Next, we judge the pros and cons of the above several kinds of working mode.Into four nuclear age, mobile phone hardware performance main factor is no longer a manufacturers, hardware should serve for the user experience this view is widely recognized in the industry.Anyway is the ARM architecture, how to use various combinations to achieve the balance of performance, power consumption and cost, is one of the important ability test chip manufacturer's product planning.

From the point of view of power consumption and fever, two nuclear certainly better than four nuclear work at the same time, a nuclear affirmation is better than two nuclear.Which with the operation mode of the frequency synchronization is obviously the most inflexible, optional scope is the smallest.This mode, the CPU power consumption will become very large and long time high performance operation at the same time, the chips get bigger, the attenuation of the cycle of chip constitution will become weaker.After samsung 4412 is the same frequency synchronization, so that the work performance is not stable, often appear lost baseband or restart problem.And when he got to eight nuclear, if MTK USES is the frequency synchronization, eight nuclear power is far from running at the same time four nuclear comparable, now almost no good solution to this problem.

There is a way is same frequency induction, namely according to the application requirements, in turn from the dual-core A7 to quad-core A7, finally to eight nuclear A7 start.Only can do this, eight nuclear A7 might have leap to reduce power consumption.But this and the hardware circuit of power saving control put forward higher requirements.MTK technology can achieve effective optimization, remains to be seen.

ifMT6592Can do same frequency induction, compared with the "fake eight nuclear" 5410 samsung, working in a certain phase does have certain advantages.Such as the lowest power consumption mode, dual-core A7 than quad-core A7 have an advantage.But in the condition of supreme power, eight nuclear A7 will surpass quad-core A15?Performance?It remains to be further release of test parameters.

“Real” eight nuclear mediatek MT6592 eight core CPU will release, is a breakthrough or a stunt?-86DIGI

"Nuclear size" will still be the mainstream

In general, MTK's "real" eight nuclear actually made a difference, rob in competitors before release products such as qualcomm, has no competition for a certain time period, which is similar with MT6589.So now takeMT6592Compare with current any chip manufacturers products are not appropriate, because there are not the same kind product, quantitative comparison.

Than eight nuclear A7, the author still prefers pilot frequency asynchronous "nuclear" size, same frequency asynchronous in battle with the pilot frequency induction, can say no advantages in performance and power consumption.Of course, different frequency asynchronous to the requirement of chip manufacturers design ability is higher.And relative to the current A15, ARM heavy push A12 has certainly not become a decoration, next year will also be able to better solve the problem of the balance of performance and power consumption.

In addition, in the second half of the Intel Baytrail (miserable) platform will bring ARM multi-core platform really deadly impact.In spite of its core X86 architecture, but has a lot of support ARM peripheral device.No matter from the aspects of cost control, performance parameters, and power consumption, Baytrail platform can have and ARM platform.

Vision, therefore, might as well put in the long run, the battle of the mobile terminal platform, will no longer is the ARM of the monologue.

“Real” eight nuclear mediatek MT6592 eight core CPU will release, is a breakthrough or a stunt?-86DIGI

Expert view:
Shenzhen micro electric technology co., LTD., vice President of fee in zhejiang flat:
"Itself is skeptical of this news, I think this is pretty suspicious of one thing, because the ARM until now has never been a framework of eight nuclear with frequency, only Biglittle 'size nuclear solutions. We are all follow the ARM, there is no reason to separate to do one. In addition, the eight nuclear power is fully open rigid, currently using any kind of technology can't drop down, unless a more advanced technology. There is another possibility is that the frequency of each nuclear adjusted, is possible in theory, but it will be very complicated to achieve."Reprinted from the electronic engineering album"