Abstract: the Beijing time morning news on November 1, Google said on Thursday the Android 4.4 "KitKat" details.Google said that "KitKat" mainly revolves around three aspects to carry on the design, covering the "next 1 billion" users, in the concept of "smart" runs through the entire mobile experience, as well as for the future of the mobile device to send...
Beijing time on November 1, morning news, Google said on Thursday the Android 4.4 "KitKat" details.Google said that "KitKat" mainly revolves around three aspects to carry on the design, covering the "next 1 billion" users, in the entire mobile experience through the concept of "smart", and for the future development of mobile devices.

Google, said Android in emerging markets are growing three times in developed markets, but most of these market of Android phones still adopt "gingerbread" system.Most of the market of mobile phone hardware configuration is low, for example, use 512 MB of memory.And "gingerbread" system is suitable for the hardware configuration.So "KitKat" one of the main purpose is to make the hardware configuration of low mobile phone upgrade to the latest version of the system, thus create a consistent experience throughout the Android users group.This means Google need to reduce the system takes up resources, adjust various pre-installed applications, and to rethink the way of operating system memory management.

Google Android business director Sundar leather guess (Sundar Pichai) said: "in the new system, people usually requires more memory. 'the KitKat' is not the case, we hope that the system can run on all entry-level phones. In 2014, we have a version of the operating system will run on all Android phones."So "KitKat" is the most important features, Google hopes to all users to use the same version of the system, so as to solve the problem of operating system version fragmentation.

The following as "KitKat" some of the new design, and the launch of Google on Thursday the Nexus of mobile phone has been carrying this version system:

Screen lock screen screen and home page

Google introduced a series of new features in the "KitKat".When users to play music, for example, lock screen screen will be able to full screen picture album.In addition, the new system USES a new starter, the top navigation bar and translucent notification bar are adopted.

The Android 4.4 KitKat system in detail: Google wants to cover portal machine-86DIGI

The top navigation bar and translucent notification bar are adopted
On the home screen, press any blank space will be able to narrow and long row of each page.When the user runs full screen application, navigation and notification bar will be completely hidden.However, when other handset makers use "KitKat", is likely to use customized starter to replace the system default starter.


"KitKat" provides a brand-new dialer, through the search function to help users to more easily access to information.When a user input the name of the company, even if they don't know the company phone number, or mobile phone address book store number, dialer database from the Google map can also obtain the corresponding number."KitKat" can support more powerful by this function call display.The dialer will be integrated in the automatically generated collection menu, show users the most commonly used number.

The Android 4.4 KitKat system in detail: Google wants to cover portal machine-86DIGI

According to Google map database search the corresponding number
  Google Hangouts

As expected, in "KitKat" Google Hangouts integrates text, video and multimedia information experience.Hangouts replaced the previous default news application, to a person in a certain number or address book to send text messages.Latest Hangouts application integration is used to share the location of the "Places" button, the software keyboard also integrated support for expressions for the first time.

The Android 4.4 KitKat system in detail: Google wants to cover portal machine-86DIGI
Hangouts integration and text messages
IOS has been providing called iMessage -- applications, while Android is a lack of similar products.For users from the blackberry platform to Android, Hangouts are particularly useful.When sending a message through the new Hangouts, users not only can join the photos in the local media library can join from Google Drive and Box cloud storage services such as photo.Google said that any third party service can be join in.
Taking pictures

"KitKat" provides a new HDR + software in the system.The software does not adjust the user interface is too big, but it can be more pictures taken at a time, and will be the best part of the photo stitching together, seamlessly output quality the best photos.The light will be more natural, even the background light is very strong in character, face still can see.In addition, the moving object is more convenient.

Wireless printing
In "KitKat", the third party application developers to add print function.At present, all HP wireless printer supports this feature, and any support Google cloud print printer can also use this feature.Google said it would make the function to support more manufacturers of printer.

The Android 4.4 KitKat system in detail: Google wants to cover portal machine-86DIGI

Third-party developers can be applied to join the printing function
Google search

Search is the core of Google products experience, so "KitKat" support a more convenient search function.In each of the home page "KitKat" screen, are the default search, and support the word "hot" features.The user as long as a "Okay, Google" voice commands can search at any time, this feature is similar to Google glasses.In "KitKat", voice function is very important.Last year, Google said, voice recognition error rate has fallen by 20%, while in the past few years the general speech recognition accuracy is increased by 25%.

  Google Now

In the "KitKat", the user just back from left to right on the screen to open the Google Now.Google Google Now upgrade focuses on the question: "how can we help users in more ways, to provide the most relevant content?"Therefore, the latest version of Google Now offers a variety of new CARDS.

For example, Google Now can be found at present, "breaking bad" is the user favorite TV series, and provide the related content and broadcast schedule.Google Now can not only learn the user's environment and the schedule, will also know the content of interest to the user types, such as the user to view which blog often.In other words, Google will Google Reader some core technology integration to Google Now.

In addition, Google Now will also be some crowdsourcing data integration, to provide better suggestion.Google Now know, for example, users in the Yellowstone Tours often search fountains of water, so when a user in Yellowstone will automatically provide corresponding card.And if the user is close to a cinema, so Google Now movie will automatically provide time, as well as links to the ticket application Fandango.

Often search the school curriculum for students at Stanford university, Google Now also provides a new card.As long as the current admission status inform students Google, so when the new semester comes, Google Now can automatically provide schedule to them.

Deep links between the application and the Google search

In "KitKat", when a user use Google search, search results will be able to link directly to the application.This is not just open the application, will also point to specific content within the application.Some search results will show the "open" in the application of X options, click this option to open the application of the related content, such as the recipe.This function at the beginning of the release of partners include "Moviefone and OpenTable, etc.This feature is currently only provide to the Nexus of 5, but Google said the future will be open to all "KitKat" system mobile phone.

Distribution channels

Starting Thursday, Android 4.4 "KitKat" will be provided by the Android open source project, and will be the first to be pre-loaded in the Nexus 5 mobile phone.This kind of mobile phone sales in 10 countries since Thursday.In addition, the Nexus of 4, the Nexus 7, 10, the Nexus and samsung Galaxy S4 and HTC One version of Google Play will get an upgrade in the next few weeks.