Abstract: after a few years, domestic brands have gradually adapted to the rhythm of the smartphone market competition, and laid a half in the China market.But the global market in the Chinese market, samsung and apple are the focus of the absolute, the domestic smartphone can only play a presence still weak in a supporting role.As the first batch of the...
After a few years, domestic brands have gradually adapted to theA smart phoneThe rhythm of the market competition, and lays a half in the Chinese market.But the world on the market in the Chinese market,samsung, apple is the focus of the absolute, domestic intelligenceMobile phoneStill can only play a supporting role of weak sense.

As a representative of the first smartphone to overseas,zte、huaweiTwo big companies with over the years and around the worldOperator,Good cooperation, and acquired a lot of orders for mid-range phones, rapid growth of the global smartphone market top, but the road to other domestic smartphone manufacturers significance is not big.

In a word, the overseas markets especially the Europe and America market, operators occupies the absolute dominance, but Chinese smartphone manufacturers are hard to obtain overseas operators.In this case, huawei, zte outside China's smartphone manufacturers how to go abroad?

In the majority of manufacturers maintain wait-and-see attitude,lenovoAnd OPPO companies have begun to seek breakthrough from different angles in overseas markets, although the practice is totally different, but both companies have happen to coincide choice increase additional value in the brand, in order to seek breakthrough.

Lenovo: the power of special products famous mobile phone brands try to m&a

At the beginning of this month Yoga flat media communication meeting, lenovo group chairman of the board and CEOMr YangRevealed that in 2015, lenovo smartphone will in mature markets, to set aside more than a year of time to do some preparation.Lenovo smartphone brand image among the younger generation have re-established.

In fact, Yoga tablet itself is lenovo into a rehearsal in mature markets, this shape and conventional tablet market different products team not Yoga a laptop, but lenovo mobile team work.It is reported, this is lenovo as tablet pioneer product will be launched in multiple countries, including lenovo smartphone to enter the European and American markets in the future.

The personage inside course of study to the tencent technology, said lenovo smartphone as a mature market, it is hard to continue to use the machine on the market in China sea tactics, can only rely on a single phone flagship product for the market breakthrough.But he also says, lenovo known in mature markets have yet to be compared with a line of brands, even if the single product excellent, it is hard to set off the market.

For this problem, lenovo had apparently consideration, according to news from the investment banking industry, lenovo had indeed in involved in the bid for the blackberry.Although m&a blackberry today has no reality, lenovo does intentionally addressed by mergers and acquisitions on the smart phone brand.As lenovo recent financing 1.5 billion messages, the possibility of acquisitions are greatly increased.

Ally OPPO: CM reshape the professional image

For Steve Kondik this name, the outside world tends to show the attitude of the polarization, one kind is never heard of this, the other is a cult.The CyanogenMod, founder of the company in the industry has long been known as the father of the android system customization, including millet, third-party ROM reference on different levels or using the CM code, Mr Luo has in the hammer ROM high-profile salute to the conference.

Not many people know, Steve and CM is OPPO to one of the most important partners overseas.As early as four months ago, OPPO Find five became the first domestic CM official adaptation of mobile phone, then OPPO is invited as the only company also attended the CM at XDA developers conference on BBS, future OPPO and CM will also have greater cooperation between.

Tencent technology understand OPPO to headquarters of the overseas business is divided into direct management of European and American markets and controlled by the agents including Indonesia, Russia, Vietnam, Thailand and other regional markets.Outside the European and American markets, OPPO fashion, often like to star as the main means of flagship product, but in the us and Europe market, OPPO is with the aid of CM first attracted smartphone enthusiasts and guest group of extremely.

Obviously, OPPO to create professional and fever in the us and Europe market brand image, this and the previous OPPO won good reputation for blu-ray DVD in overseas markets.In fact this practice has obtained the certain effect, OPPO in the overseas smartphone enthusiasts groups have produced quite a reputation.

The brand has become a domestic smartphone biggest weakness

According to industry insiders, mobile phone sales in the us and Europe

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still relies mainly on the carrier channel, and channel operators tend to cooperate with customers for a long time, want to enter the local operators in the list is the premise of need to have a unique brand value and target groups, which is lenovo and OPPO brand as a mature market the first priority.

Lenovo and OPPO both companies choose makes full text on the brand, as the breach of the mature market.Such happen to coincide isn't surprising, even in the United States share of smartphone has ranked into the first four zte, also in the near future by signing exclusive NBA Houston rockets, in the north American market to strengthen their brand influence.

Obviously, the problem may be the domestic smartphone brand out to the first big problem need to be solved or premise, after the brand problems, and problems to be pay attention to such as patent, the local policies.Now lenovo and attempt to OPPO is just the first step, the end of this round of China's smartphone can sail smoothly, the only time to prove.