Abstract: last year, "nuclear war" smoke on the mobile phone market, many vendors to launch a quad-core mobile phone.In late 2013, mobile phone "nuclear war" broke out again, eight nuclear cell phone is becoming a hot spot of many mobile phone manufacturers.Although the war is the mobile phone manufacturers, but lit fuse of the war is mediatek chip manufacturers, in the 11...
Last year, "nuclear war" smoke on the mobile phone market, many vendors compete to launch a quad-core mobile phone.In late 2013, mobile phone "nuclear war" broke out again, eight nuclear cell phone is becoming a hot spot of many mobile phone manufacturers.
Although the war is the mobile phone manufacturers, but lit fuse of the war is mediatek chip manufacturers, in late November launched eight core chipMT6592For mobile phone manufacturers "ammunition".In analysts view, mediatek's move means figure, its behind qualcomm on LTE chip research and development, and push the eight core chip is avail themselves of the buffer time.
"Eight nuclear cell phone" strikes across the board
Before, is only one samsung mobile phone manufacturers introduced eight nuclear mobile: S4, carrying its own Exynos 5410 chip (A7 quad-core + A15 quad-core), but samsung does not seem to have eight nuclear as the selling point of products advertised, so eight nuclear cell phone is not in the market.
Real eight nuclear cell phone will push hot is mediatek.As early as July this year, news, said mediatek will be released at the end of the month the eight core chipMT6592, but the market rumors.Even in October in ali cloud developers conference held in hangzhou, reporters asked mediatek product planning director Li Yanji when will be releasedMT6592, li breeze is very tight, just say "should be launched before the end of the year."
After a month of November 20, mediatek officially released its eight core chipMT6592.This caused the domestic manufacturers of great interest, and even a few vendors in robMT6592The start.On November 21, mediatekMT6592Released the next day, the mobile phone manufacturer qing Chen announced pick up in ShanghaiMT6592The world's first true eight nuclear phones - green orange NX.Almost on the same day the same time, chomp chomp in conference held in shenzhen, also introduced is also known as the world's first true eight nuclear phones - black 2.
This is just the beginning, huawei, cool and zte are also will be released by the end of the line manufacturers such as the eight core products."We will be released in December, pick upMT65927 "resemble supersized smartphones," cool sources said.
"From the current situation, eight nuclear mobile era is open," semiconductor application union, a senior analyst at liu said.
True eight nuclear, pseudo eight nuclear dispute
Mediatek in releaseMT6592, says that it is the world's first true eight core chip, green orange, chomp chomp two mobile phones manufacturer in eight nuclear product, also all eight nuclear cell phone said is true.Since there is great, that is false, the false eight nuclear refers to who?
The answer is samsung."Although there are eight planets Exynos 5410 processor core, four core and low power consumption performance A7 four high performance high power consumption A15 core, but the eight core did not run at the same time open," liu said., an example is given to describe, when people in ordinary operation, such as phone calls, text messaging processor will allocate four A7 core to run, when the mobile phone to play big games, by four core A15, through such distribution to achieve low power consumption and high performance of the phone.
Mediatek is according to their ownMT6592Is the true eight nuclear, because it contains 8 A7 core can run at the same time open.But for reasons of power,MT6592Also has automatic voltage frequency modulation technology, can be turned on or off according to the requirements of the task process some CPU core.
But in the mobile China league secretary-general Wang Yanhui view, the "real" eight nuclear, "eight nuclear" battle didn't have much meaning."Samsung Exynos 5410 running at the same time 8 cores don't have much meaning. If the effect of eight nuclear running at the same time is 10 points, four A15 can account for up to nine points, four A7 accounts for only 1 minute, A15 is ARM high-end kernel."Wang Yanhui said, if you want to high performance, then run 4 A15, if want to low power consumption, it is 4 A7, at the same time operating efficiency is small.
"Eight nuclear now is propaganda," Wang Yanhui truth.
Mediatek's abacus
Mediatek unveiled eight coresMT6592, old rivals qualcomm still seems very calm, no intention to reveal to push eight nuclear chip.
Also in November, qualcomm issued Xiao 800 series of the next generation of mobile processors -- Xiao dragon 805 processor, this is still a quad-core processor product.Is the high level now, wasn't too keen for eight core products, a top after qualcomm even said: "can't take eight lawnmower engine together they said it is 8 cylinder of ferrari, it doesn't make any sense."
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Mediatek, qualcomm, the attitude of eight core chip, the difference is obvious.In Wang Yanhui point of view, the current market environment and both sides and with different emphasis.
Next year will be the home of the first year of LTE, qualcomm is absolute, while mediatek started late in the LTE chip research and development, "may production until the second half of next year."For mediatek, could not endure this rectified gap, they do not have the influence of the product listed."So launched eight core chip is a very natural thing, for mediatek, the buffer and the meter."Wang Yanhui said.
With mediatek is different, the general principles of the high focus on 64 - bit processors, has a 64 - bit processor included in the planning category."From the developing trend of industry, 64 must be the future development direction, also won't push eight nuclear at the beginning, but starting from the dual-core, quad-core. 32-bit eight hot core processor is only a short time."Wang Yanhui said.
Mediatek is no focus on 64 - bit processors, is also related to environment, can support 64 - bit android 5.0 May launch until the second half of next year.From this perspective, mediatek push eight core processor is at the right time to make the appropriate.
Qualcomm is an antitrust investigation involving the td-scdma LTE
Qualcomm launched an antitrust investigation by the national development and reform commission, is undoubtedly the communications industry one of the biggest news this week.According to qualcomm aspect, the national development and reform commission did not say why qualcomm is being investigated.The analysts view, the domestic and 4 g horse and patent has a close relationship.
"In the 3 g era, government departments in order to promote the development of td-scdma, has struck a deal with qualcomm, TD mobile phones can not pay qualcomm patent. 4 g is coming now, the td-scdma LTE is horse, and of course hope qualcomm can compromise, this may be part of the development and reform commission launched an antitrust investigation," said Wang Yanhui.
In addition, the 3 g era qualcomm for each WCDMA mobile phone charge for about 5% of the royalty, reportedly now qualcomm patent fee of LTE terminal at around 4%.Wang Yanhui thinks, on the 4 g, qualcomm patent quantity and there is no 3 g era, charge 4% of the royalty is reasonable, is also one of the reasons for the development and reform commission antitrust investigations.
Moreover, qualcomm is an antitrust investigation of the reason may be that the chips on the pricing of LTE.This year from China mobile's td-scdma LTE terminal tender, qualcomm wins.Mediatek, spreadtrum td-scdma LTE chip production will take time, also has not been fully into competition and qualcomm pricing pressure is small, so do not rule out the national development and reform commission in view of the high price qualcomm could launch an antitrust investigation.