Because Vietnam this week outbreak of anti-chinese protests and mass looting, burning and apple main OEM partner foxconn announced that Vietnam factory since Saturday closed for three days, in order to protect the safety of employees.Employees also notified, foxconn Vietnam since Saturday holiday three days, because the capacity of the concrete data unpublished, foxconn Vietnam now do not know this have any impact on apple's products supply will be.

Foxconn Vietnam factory closed for 3 days, spread to the iPhone-86DIGI
In addition to have borne the brunt of anti-china protests in China, Taiwan, Japan, South Korea, Singapore, France, and other enterprises, the current Nike, adidas, wal-mart and other U.S. companies have also been suspended production, is said to be at least 21 people were killed in the protests, the wounded includes minors, even Singapore flag was burned.Have foreign media comment, the Vietnamese anti-china demonstrations and anti-japanese protests in China a few years ago is how similar.