Recently, J.Wong yellow chapter in the forum, said the new generation of its flagship mobile phone Meizu MX4 determine support fingerprint identification, and foreign manufacturers will use fingerprint to unlock the program.
Today, there are users on the microblogging released a concept machine MX4 pictures, attracted attention of many users. Many people said that if MX4 long this will certainly buy it.
From the image point of view, this is an all-white fuselage MX4, ultra-narrow frame design, screen proportion is very prominent, but more rounded corners. Interestingly, with the iOS system, with no sense of violation and, actually a good fit.

Meizu MX4 latest concept machine exposure-86DIGI

Before the news, MX4 is now finalized, there will be three versions, MX4 Ultimate, MX4 Standard Edition, MX4 mini version, priced at 2,999 yuan, 2,499 yuan, 1,999 yuan, but has not yet been confirmed.
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