Meizu this year will launch a new flagship MX4 has confirmed that it will carry fingerprint recognition, and foreign manufacturers will adopt a more mature program. That in the end is a push iPhone 5s, or S5 Galaxy sliding it?
J.Wong yellow chapter just has indicated: "fingerprinting sure to" push "the sliding experience is very bad." In other words, MX4 and iPhone 5s will adopt a similar fingerprint identification program.

J.Wong admit MX4’sfingerprinting is same as  iPhone 5s-86DIGI

Galaxy S5 uses a similar "card" means of identification needs to be finger flat on the Home button, then slowly move (top to bottom) in order to identify the fact that at this time to identify the scanned image will be displayed on the user's screen. However, moving too fast, then it can not be identified. In addition, the sensor is sensitive to humidity, if the water is on the finger, it is easy to unlock failure.
In contrast, iPhone 5s in Touch ID using the Home button pressed way, fingers pressed to complete the identification while unlocking, faster, and more convenient, the overall experience is superior to the former.
The question now is, MX4 will be integrated in the Home key fingerprint recognition, or will be achieved using a virtual Home button?