Nexus 6 confirmed processor is actually MediaTek

Despite rumors that Google will abandon Nexus series, but at least this year there will be a new series debut. Recently, two developers from Germany found a Nexus and Nexus 8 6 names in the Chromium source code. This also means that the Nexus series should also continue on each plate and at least one generation mobile phone products, and not the end of the short term.

Nexus 6确认 心脏竟然是联发科

Nexus new series Exposure

Nexus 6确认 心脏竟然是联发科

MTK processor with 64 beta

Nexus 6确认 心脏竟然是联发科

It is worth mentioning that, according to “Taiwan’s Economic Daily” reported that Google Nexus 6 will adopt MediaTek’s latest 64-bit processor, the specific models may be clocked at 1.5GHz or 2.0GHz quad-core MT6732 eight nuclear MT6752, expected Google Nexus 6 with a processor will produce from two models.
However, foreign websites Android Geeks speculated Google Nexus 6 will be equipped using Qualcomm Krait 450 architecture Xiaolong 805 quad-core processors, and with Adreno 420 graphics processor with 3GB RAM and 16GB/32GB storage space body. As the camera specification is unclear whether it will be upgraded to ten million pixel level.

Expected Fall Release
Because Google Nexus series has equipped with the latest Android conventional systems, so will be opened on June 25 this year, Google I / O developer conference is considered likely to be officially released in the time machine. However, the exposure from the current Nexus 6, the possibility of a smaller aircraft in the next month, and the Google Nexus devices are usually released in the fall, it is expected that Nexus 6 will also be launched in the fourth quarter.
As for Google Nexus 8 tablet according to Taiwan news media, “Electronic Times” disclosed that Google will choose to cooperate with HTC, launched a new 8-inch tablet PC in the summer time. If true, then this would mean that HTC will launch Nexus series again after a lapse of four models with Google.


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