Or with a thin metal body 1080p screen XIAOMI MI3S exposure again

Recently, XIAOMI MI3S information frequently exposed, broke the news that a certain insiders (microblogging account @ old Yao) also in its micro-Bo, XIAOMI MI3S the main ultra-thin, 1080p screen, and that 2K screen until the second half XIAOMI MI4. In addition, the old Yao also said that the next generation of products for XIAOMI MI3S, LEI does not like to call XIAOMI MI4, do directly to XIAOMI MI5 (or The New Mi)?

或用超薄金属机身1080p屏 小米3S再曝光第1张图

或用超薄金属机身1080p屏 小米3S再曝光第2张图

At the same time, XIAOMI MI3S ANTUTU users to run sub-shots are also exposed, only 31,432, and its exposure of the same hardware configuration does not match the run of results though, but the models equipped with 801 Xiaolong, the run of 36,000 + are a piece of cake to do. It is reasoned that the aircraft should be still in the commissioning phase, will be available shortly after the expected time of no more than the end of June at the latest.


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