Refused scalpers ONEPLUS ONE 21 日 open ONEPLUS FANS special sales

Since the conference, April 23, ONEPLUS the phone is with simple appearance, exquisite workmanship and powerful hardware configuration won the majority of users of all ages, while the low price of 1999.99 yuan spike a congregation is the same type of phone. On the afternoon of May 12, ONEPLUS official forum news release, will open on May 21, “Come on sales of special” qualified ONEPLUS FANS can participate in a day of purchase.

拒绝黄牛党 一加21日开启加油销售专场第1张图

According to the official announcement, the event only for “ONEPLUS FANS” open, but also has the corresponding conditions: 1, registered earlier than at 23:59:59 on on April 22; 2, refueling ≥ 200; 3, Online ≥ 20 hours. Event will open at 12:00 on May 21, opening “Come on sales special” eligibility check in at 14:00 pm on May 20 will, ONEPLUS FANS can check the official website of the event page directly on whether they meet the conditions of participation. Moreover, the final rule in the activity, but also specifically noted, only for ONEPLUS community FANS, upon discovery of suspected cattle behavior to cancel eligibility.

拒绝黄牛党 一加21日开启加油销售专场第2张图

Currently, ONEPLUS terms were not disclosed, “Come on sales of special” specific forms of participation in the day, did not say how much the number of machines. However, according to previous “one yuan Experience Program” of the situation, the 21st day should still need to buy, it seems to be something when they contest the RP and speed.



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