XIAOMI exceeded Apple ranked third in China’s smartphone market

According to U.S. research institutions Counterpoint Technology Market Research reported that the first quarter of 2014 accounted for 11 percent of China XIAOMI mobile phone market share than Apple become after Samsung, Lenovo, China’s third-largest mobile phone brand mobile phone market.

小米已超苹果 中国智能手机市场排第三第1张图

The report said, XIAOMI in the first quarter accounted for 11 percent of China’s mobile phone market, Apple’s market share was 10%. Accounted for the largest proportion of China’s mobile phone market is the Samsung brand, with 18% market share, while the second is Lenovo, its market share is 12%.
In addition to these four brands, Cool accounting for 10%, 8% of Huawei, ZTE and 6%, OPPO, compared with 3%.

小米已超苹果 中国智能手机市场排第三第2张图

According Counterpoint reported, XIAOMI have to enter in the first quarter of Singapore, and reached three cooperation with local operators. Announced last month XIOAMI continue to enter the international market, dozens of countries, including India, Brazil, Russia, at the end of 2014 will usher XIAOMI phone. Currently XIAOMI has opened up the market in Hong Kong, Taiwan and other regions.
The report said, XIAOMI expand in China and overseas markets is critical to its second-quarter performance. Recently released REDMI Note attract a lot of consumer attention, XIOAMI next performance was worth the wait.


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