Leaked Huawei Device Looks To Take Some ‘Notes’ From Samsung

Alleged images of Huawei’s upcoming Honor 3x Pro phablet surfaced on Weibo yesterday, and immediately people pointed out the obvious: assuming the leak is legitimate, Huawei appears to unashamedly be ripping off of Samsung’s Note series of phablets.

Huawei 3X Pro 1 Leaked Huawei Device Looks To Take Some Notes From Samsung

The device in the alleged leaks features a nearly identical faux leather back as the Galaxy Note 3, all the way down to the fake stitching.  The fake leather has received mixed reactions for Samsung here in the States, but there is no denying that the design has helped the popular phablet series stand out from the crowd.

Still, what is unique for Samsung is simply imitation for Huawei, so I’m not sure how this will work out for Huawei in the long run.  The faux leather design screams Samsung, it remains to be seen how much customers will care about that.

Huawei 3X Pro 2 Leaked Huawei Device Looks To Take Some Notes From Samsung

The Huawei Honor 3x Pro is an upgrade over the Huawei Honor 3x (obviously) which you may recognize as the Huawei Honor 3x as it was known in some territories. Rumors state that the Pro will have nearly identical specs as the original Honor 3x, including its 1.7 Ghz Octa-core CPU and 2GB of RAM, but sees an upgrade in the display department, with its 5.5 inch screen seeing a jump from720p to a full 1080p. And of course, there appears to be the faux leather.

Of note, the Weibo account that posted the images is a leaker that we do follow and has been responsible for a several leaks recently. However, for whatever reason, the posted has since removed the images, it is unclear why. These images come courtesy of GforGames who grabbed them before it was taken down.

We will have more on the Huawei Honor 3x Pro as it becomes available. Perhaps at their upcoming May 15th event?

Huawei 3X Pro 3 Leaked Huawei Device Looks To Take Some Notes From Samsung


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