Huawei launches the 4G LTE equipped Huawei Honor X7 7-inch tablet today along with a wearable device and their own 5200mAh battery pack.

4G LTE Huawei Honor X1 7-incher set to launch today with a wearable and powerband-86DIGI

We don’t know what happened to the original launch date of 22nd April, pehaps the competition was just to fierce, but Huawei decided to postpone the launch of their 7-incher until today. The Huawei Honor X1 costs a respectablet 1999 Yuan ($320) here in China and boasts a 7-inch panel, 4G LTE support, 1.6Ghz Hisilicon processor, 2GB RAM and 32GB memory. The X1 appears to be quite capable in the camera departement also with a 5 mega-pixel lens on the front and 13 mega-pixel on the rear.

As well as the Huawei Honor X1, the company also have a wearable sports bracelet on sale today, the same devcie which Huawei showed off earlier this year at MWC, plus their very own external power bank with 5200mAh battery.