Festival Listing 5.99 mm NEO M1 Price Revealed

Whether at home or abroad, NEO M1 mobile phone has set off a wave of discussion. Everyone on this ten-point touch 5.99mm smartphone with great enthusiasm. I found, NEO Mobile’s official website has released this NEO M1 phone price 999 yuan! Rio phone official website now has many friends already booked. After May, this phone will really NEO M1 listed today, let us work together to bring the author to explore the story behind this NEO phone M1 bar.


Friendship or love, as each generation is always generated in a particular case, as the back of each product produced must also have its specific reasons. Now people do product, always with a certain emotional factors, not just make a product, it is more people really like it from the bottom of my heart, this is the real charm of the product.

The NEO M1 phone before birth, NEO Mobile team consulted a number of 10,000 mobile phone users to collect relevant information in order to stimulate the NEO Mobile team will achieve the ultimate NEOM1 phone.

NEO Mobile team collected information indicates: Mobile phone user requirements NEOM1 using a large screen (only 5.0 inches), making the phone feel more with them; while the largest, such as the need to use a metal shell iphone, let the phone looks more tangible and gives users better usability. Meanwhile 13 million pixel high-definition resolution phase, TP Corning Gorilla glass is collecting the information needed to bring the user.


To meet these requirements, NEO Mobile team join together energy from five aspects, but there is no ignoring the battery durability. To make this phone standby time last long, NEO M1 phone needs a good battery to enhance the customer experience on the phone. The NEO M1 mobile phone with built-in 2000mAh lithium battery is not removable, with such a large battery, can still be 5.99mm, superb visibility of NEO M1 phone workmanship.


So far, I have already finished the story NEO M1 mobile phone. We are not there more to her new understanding of? ! Which lasted eight months, into a separate R & D team of NEO Mobile 240 days and nights, NEO M1 mobile phone will provide you unveiled!


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