The world’s first vivo Xshot with full spectrum LED light

Before, vivo exposure Xshot when the official micro-series news, announced the first model you want to build a “truly versatile camera phone,” and from the ultra-clear imaging, perfect self-timer, fast shot speed, high-definition shooting four aspects of interpretation “4G Chile beat flagship” of this position. 22 at noon, following the ultra-clear imaging and speed snapshots, vivo and in perfect announced its self made ​​another improvement – for the first time with a full spectrum of LED front lights on a global scale.

全球首款 vivo Xshot配全光谱LED补光灯第1张图

According vivo official micro-Bo said, Xshot will use full-spectrum LED front lights, the light emitted by the solar spectrum close to natural light. In low light conditions, you can make adjustments based on the ambient light brightness intelligent, so the effect is more natural fill light, in order to achieve perfect self.

全球首款 vivo Xshot配全光谱LED补光灯第2张图

As we all know , the next we see the color of the sun to see the general Ethernet prevail , that is the most realistic color spectrum of sunlight between about 390-770nm . The full spectrum LED front lights wavelength range used in vivo is between 380-780nm , it is very close to natural light source , this is the first attempt on the phone , which is not only conducive to tune with the cell phone camera software school , so that a more accurate white balance , self-timer no color cast, but also because of its light and soft, so that the self is not dazzling, and suppress the red-eye effect , to achieve the most perfect self- effects.
So far, we can see that , vivo Xshot on ultra- clear imaging , with large F/1.8 aperture + combined optical image stabilization , and with a color temperature dual LED flash ; snapshot at top speed on a separate dedicated physical buttons and a set of speed camera snapshots systems ; perfect self on the world’s first full-spectrum also have LED lights . But , unfortunately, so far vivo has not released the other portion of the pixel camera , software, and other users are more concerned about through official channels , not yet know what will surprise vivo .


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