If you are concerned about current events, it should be able to hear Recently the "Internet thinking" this very sense of the word science and technology every day, the mobile phone industry is also a "Internet thinking" popular, a user-designed specifically for women recently released Internet phone debut, called Iverson V5, the aircraft was Iverson's first mobile phone brand products, primarily to take pictures, supplemented by a slim, colorful fashion design, and of course a decent hardware configuration.

Iverson dominated to female users V5 beauty shot phone is equipped with a 5 megapixel wide-angle front camera self-timer, aperture of f/2.2, the main camera up to 13 million pixels, using a large aperture f/2.0 lens and a double-sided coating +6 P and there are custom flash equipment can support real beauty, beauty and other voice, camera is focused on the aircraft. Iverson V5 still slim figure, measurements are 158.1 * 78.5 * 7.9 mm, the width is a more prominent part of the same product at the screen, and another pink, white and other colors.

Iverson V5 phone exposure: eight core / 5.7 inch 1080P screen / touch back-86DIGI

Excluding these, Iverson V5 base configuration is also like a lot of things to watch, eight-core, large screen, the machine is equipped with eight-core 1.7GHz main frequency MT6592 processor, 5.7-inch large screen resolution of 1920 * FHD level 1080, the memory size is 2G RAM +16 G ROM mix replaceable 2250 mA battery, the system has been customized, enhanced security, and built on the theme of women exclusive stores and a variety of applications. As an important part of the smart phone, the phone's sensors than the rich, in addition to lighting, distance and gravity of the three commonly used sensor, as well as infrared gesture recognition with gyroscope, electronic compass, can support TD-SCDMA + GSM dual SIM dual standby.

Iverson V5 phone exposure: eight core / 5.7 inch 1080P screen / touch back-86DIGI

Iverson V5 Another user-friendly design, the aircraft also has a back touch function, touch phones will be able to replace the back touch-screen operation, enhance the user experience, the feature designed for female users is more practical large-screen products.

The current machine has started warming up, the official estimate soon went to

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Iverson V5 phone exposure: eight core / 5.7 inch 1080P screen / touch back-86DIGI