Amoi A900 earlier this year launched a series of products, design style pale, Founder appearance plus a narrow frame design for many users agree that it seems this phone just to try the water and, a new machine has been audited by the Ministry of Internal Model Amoi A955T, its screen size and A900T / W same, but the figure was even more exquisite.

According to network data, Amoi A955T uses 5.5-inch screen, with a resolution of 1920 * 1080 FHD level, its dimensions are 149.2 * 74.2 * 8mm, measurements surpassed the A900, the same screen size FIND7 also compare the advantages, the latter the dimensions are 152.6 * 75 * 9.2mm, enough to see the progress Amoi industrial design capabilities, network according to the machine's screen can be seen in the border belongs to a class of very narrow. Also worth mentioning is that, A955T although the screen proportion even better, there are still 2,500 mA battery capacity!

Design regressed! 1.7GHz quad-core Amoi A955T new machine has been exposed-86DIGI

Overall, the machine is still Founder shape, back design less A900T / W Hale, both left and right sides of the larger arc, benefits of doing so is to make the body more fit and palm enhance grip comfortable. Color besides black, white, may still have a selection of colorful shells.

Another point of concern, Amoi A955T equipped with a 1.7GHz quad-core processor main frequency, unpublished specific models, suggesting that either the latest MediaTek MT6588, or else Snapdragon 600, according to the product used in the past Amoi platform and equipped with Android 4.22 system, the more likely the former, of course, does not rule out a typographical error - or eight-core 1.7G. A955T as well as 2GB of memory to run and 800-megapixel camera, support for TD-SCDMA network.

Currently it can be learned only on the surface, but have been exposed through the design and configuration of speculation, this product should be Amoi recent masterpiece, AMOI is to show the strength of the product, worthy of our attention.

Design regressed! 1.7GHz quad-core Amoi A955T new machine has been exposed-86DIGI