A wave of built-in MTK MT6595 core 4G mobile phone is coming

From 3G to 4G today, MediaTek has been harder on, hard work pays off, MediaTek 4G LTE SOC and 64 bit chip release, and high in the 4G and the technology gap between 64 of the more and more small, in the future of 5G, MediaTek. Mr. Cai Mingjie may have and high stand on the same starting line.
At this stage, we seem to be more concerned about the MT6595 when the mass production, according to the news, the first eight core LTE processor MT6595 may Q3 to meet with you, but recently the industry discharge, not only the domestic existing 3G customers will strongly support the MediaTek, in 4G, SONY and other international giants LG will also support.


International brands to join
@ mobile phone crystal Master in micro-blog said, “L”, “S” the company has plans to launch MTK6595 products, L is LG, S may be Sony or Samsung, the former has a new opportunity came early with MT6595 message, and is expected to become the first batch of MediaTek MT6595 customers, SONY to create a a mobile phone music self S39H, built-in MT6589 quad core to thousands yuan price for the good market response, continue to use the MTK programme apparently credible, it is rumoured Samsung will push MTK platform products, but the lack of strong evidence only sporadic news.
Remove the new Korean brands LG, local enterprises in Taiwan HTC and MediaTek alliance is contrary to expectation is also reasonable, both from name ICE cooperation, is good for both sides, MediaTek through patented more rapid introduction of 4G solutions, at the same time, its own chip supply to HTC the international famous brands, enhance the image HTC Ji, low-end MTK chip force, expand the product line. During the era of the 4G, 4G intelligent mobile phone HTC to build the MT6595 does not seem to be suspense, currently HTC has adopted the intelligent mobile phone MTK quad core, eight core products listed, the lowest is only 1000 yuan.


Thousand yuan machine or unavoidable
Adding more international major suit of course is a good thing for MTK, 3G era has been in-depth cooperation between the domestic manufacturers are also the backbone of MediaTek to seize the domestic half of the country, such as Lenovo, ZTE, TCL, Jin and Huawei, before three times starting MTK products enterprises would say no more, listing MT6595 mobile phone has be imperative, Gionee is through the world’s thinnest mobile phone Elife S5.5 release has to show, in June this year the LTE version will be listed, the eight core chip is MT6595.
In addition there are news will release a MT6595 platform products and millet and Meizu, both of which are also the most attention, there is only one reason, millet main cost-effective brand of red 4G will feature a 6595 chip, but Meizu will also cooperate with MediaTek 4G, launched several related products, which will have thousands of yuan of price MTK6595 mobile phone. Although thousands of Yuan machine and MT6595 high-end positioning conflict, but MediaTek had made it clear that, how the client is free to customer terminal product pricing, millet rice and Meizu launched thousands yuan price of MT6595 products against also makes sense, and ultimately may be, other manufacturers unwilling lonely also “uncovering rod and”, form the thousands of MT6592 products such as bamboo shoots after a spring rain like situation, for the user to benefit.


@Vetrax’s satellite photograph: MT6595 prototype
What a MediaTek chip 4G
MT6595 suffering from attention be not at all surprising, removal of eight nuclear, can support five die and powerful multimedia functions, its basic specifications are also very strong, the main frequency is up to 2.5GHz, supports dual channel DDR3 memory, more use of the IMG PowerVR G6200 high order GPU, with high end positioning.
Of course, MediaTek 4G products not only 6595, at the MWC conference, TCL’s Al Carter One Touch POP S7 had on display, this product is the first MTK 4G mobile phone, the integration of the MT6290 LTE Modem, which itself is equipped with a MTK quad core chip 1.3GHz. In addition to cool the LTE version also repeatedly to the external display, ap+modem is the same way. Therefore, not only the MT6589 classic products will add 4G baseband upgrade listing, subsequent MT6582 and MT6592 also have upgraded version launched, to help our customers to quickly enter the 4G era, but in which MT6595 plays the title character, carry more weight.
Came to the irresistible trend in 4G era, operators vigorously campaign, related concepts have also been popular, but there are still many places to be perfect, realize the true sense also needs certain time popularity, so MediaTek has missed the first bus, but still catch the golden age.

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