ZTE Red Bull V5 to review: 4G, UI, photo is a bright spot



Red Bull V5 two version, the specifications are as follows:
Size: 139*71*8.9mm
Screen: 5 inch, 720P
Storage: 1GB RAM4GB ROM/2GB RAM8GB ROM (extensible, maximum support 32GB)
Processor: Qualcomm snapdragon 400 quad core processor (1GB version of the MSM8926/2GB version of MSM8928)
Camera: front 5000000 pixels + Post 13000000 pixels
Battery capacity: 2400mAh





Open the rear cover can see two SIM card slots, but Red Bull although V5 supports dual card in the hardware, but also need to follow the software upgrade to add this function
The price of cabbage eight nuclear mobile phone and recent intensive listed, Red Bull V5 flagship 4G LTE, which is also in line with the 4G terminal strategy of zte. It is reported, in 2013, ZTE has become the supplier of LTE system is the fastest growing, the LTE shipments accounted for almost 20% of global market share, the top three suppliers of LTE equipment. But in the field of mobile phone terminal, ZTE has slipped out of the top five, row to the seventh.
Since had Xuezhong helm ZTE terminal since, whether it is product line layout and brand marketing, do make snap change, whether can achieve “Samsung can do we can do,” remains to be seen.


In addition to 4G, another important point Red Bull V5 from the Nubia team for their custom UI.


Red Bull V5 UI is based on the recently with Nubia X6 released together with Nubia UI 2, “interaction design” and “understand you” as the two key words.
Flat style icon design was popular, but it is not entirely flat, but add some shadows, and according to the different types of applications, design of the square and travel two categories.


UI arc line, like the horizon line, like “eyes to see the world”.


In the aspect of application, Nubia electrical still retained, new to the Nubia Niu, security applications compared to install third party, more convenient.


Easy mode, it is a new practical application, similar to the old machine model.
The built-in Nubia camera software NeoVision3.0, is another important selling point Red Bull V5, another example is also reflected Red Bull combined closely with the Nubia team.
NeoVision3.0 provides three shooting modes: Auto, Fun and Pro. In addition to small like, also very respected independent white balance, independent metering, independent focusing (Pro mode), photo editing has very strong function.


Our proofs





In general, ZTE Red Bull V5 is a very high cost of mobile phone, hardware, although not high with the latest processor, but Snapdragon 400 platform for everyday use more than sufficient, plus the Nubia team holding, make the mobile phone products in the same price, advantage is increasingly obvious — at least in the photo. Very strong. But more unfortunately, storage space fuselage built-in slightly obviously insufficient, SD card is a must. Finally, added in April 22nd, Red Bull V5 will launch a new round of online sales, so the former experience, estimated that this is a Seckill, hope that we can have enough luck, “pre emptive”!



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