XIAOMI M3 as XIAOMI company's 2013 Product of the Year , a listing on the ripple in the market . Known by far the fastest XIAOMI phone. Of course , this statement would have been a matter of opinion , one that can be understood as XIAOMI MI3 is the fastest mobile phone , one that can be understood as XIAOMI fastest mobile phone . Speaking of characters here have lamented the profound cultural and XIAOMI mastery for playing with words . But no matter XIAOMI play on words in the end what tricks , MI3 violence in the domestic market far more than many big red phone is not always an indisputable fact , and the emergence of MI3 , but also to the many cottage manufacturers crazy. After all REDMI799 price for the cottage manufacturers profit margins remain not by much , and MI3. 1999 prices obviously make profiteers have more profit. Thus, the market appeared more than REDMI high imitation M3.
The number of high imitation machine MI3 even more than the iPhone or Samsung , but two reasons :
1, XIAOMI process completed less difficulty Apple and Samsung , the cottage is much easier ;
2 , the number of Chinese silk Cock significantly more余高富handsome , so attention MI3 significantly high enough , the price is relatively low cottage MI3 also more likely to be accepted.
So today , let's for everyone to say something about the difference between the real machine and MI3 MI3 high imitation machine , we will be mainly from the appearance of the details , UI experience , hardware configuration, and several major aspects imaging camera for everyone to interpret .