First real photos of the Neo M1, plust $99.99 intro price details!

The first real photos of the Neo M1 have emerged along with details of a introductory super low price for the first 500 customers.

neo m1

The Neo M1 is an exciting little device due to the new design, dual Sony cameras, affordable price plus plans to bring Windows Phone 8.1 to the handset. Earlier today the official Neo website went online listing full specifications of the new Neo phone plus pricing, but you might want to hold of purchasing the phone until the 25th April!

Neo M1 hands on photos

IMG_20140405_173001 IMG_20140405_172942

IMG_20140405_172908 IMG_20140405_172821 IMG_20140405_172813 IMG_20140405_172801

Neo have announced that the Neo M1, normally sold at $179.99, will be available for just $99.99 on the 25th April. Only the first 500 customers will be able to receive the introduction price which will only be available for that day. More details of the offer can be found over on the Neo website

.IMG_20140405_172755 IMG_20140405_172746

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  • djuro

    why last picture show screen so blue?

    • 86digi

      Camera angle and ambient light issues, the machine itself is not the problem.