HTC Butterfly 2 Exposure to enhance the water level

Double the previous HTC flagship model series tradition, so after HTC One (M8) official debut, naturally, need to complete the upgrading HTC Butterfly S series. Recently, the database security Bunny will found a new testing machine codenamed HTC 0PAJ3, the hardware configuration is a new series of new machines, if not, then it is very likely that the legendary HTC Butterfly 2.

HTC Butterfly 2配置曝光 将推骚红版HTC M8

Camera Upgrade

HTC Butterfly 2配置曝光 将推骚红版HTC M8

From the exposure of the information in the database ANTUTU view, this HTC 0PAJ3 with 1080 × 1920 resolution touch screen and uses Qualcomm processor 801, the highest frequency of 2.3GHz, also has 2GB RAM memory and 16GB of storage capacity, equipped with Android 4.4.2 system, and also built 13 million pixel camera and 5-megapixel front camera, which seems to imply HTC on the aircraft was not a 400-megapixel camera UltraPixel .
Although this configuration is now the flagship of various brands seem nothing special, but compared with the door of the family HTC HTC Butterfly S this flagship model, or whether there are more significant upgrade, after all the aircraft in the past used 600 processors and camera combination of two million and 800 million pixel front camera. Of course, as HTC One (M8) hardware configuration is not luxurious, as if the aircraft is indeed the HTC Butterfly, then two, then should the software UI, use the function and appearance details will be a breakthrough innovation.

Waterproof rating upgrade
According to Taiwan media reports in the past, HTC Butterfly 2 touch screen will be upgraded to 5.2 inches, and will employ 800 processor (Qualcomm according to the new nomenclature was 801), while the aircraft will strengthen waterproof design upgrade from one generation to the Sony models IPX5 same phone waterproof rating (IPX7 or more), so that not only can provide the HTC One (M8) and selling different characteristics, but also with differentiated design allows users to have more selection.
It is worth mentioning that in the past had been leaked on the web suspected HTC Butterfly 2 LCD assembly, and displays the aircraft in front of the upper part of the continuation of the characteristics of the HTC Butterfly series, and in the virtual key part of the change compared to the past. Also, the machine also uses a design similar to HTC 8S, two color with some small looks quite clear style, it seems that the positioning deviation from the so-called flagship model. However, it is unclear this new flagship HTC will launch when.
Red HTC M8 exposure

HTC Butterfly 2配置曝光 将推骚红版HTC M8

Incidentally, that is going to fully open selling HTC One (M8) is not only crystal silk gray, silver and champagne moonlight outside the tri-color style, recently there should be a red and black version is coming soon. As both versions of discovery, because the query “Black HTC M8” and “Red HTC M8” in Google, that will be relevant ads strings, which would mean that the media seems both versions are expected in the near future launched.
Although it is not certain whether the future is the red version htcsource exposure as foreign sites, but more likely is expected to open in the selling season, even according to Taiwan’s website saying the fastest possible debut in May.


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