Suspected Butterfly successors! HTC is another flagship model exposure

HTC has just recently released a new generation of main flagship HTC One M8, traditional two previous HTC flagship series, in which the Butterfly flagship model (X920e) has released a long time, there is an urgent need to extend this new machine series. Yesterday Ann Bunny database found a new testing machine codenamed HTC 0PAJ3, according to HTC consistent naming test machine, this machine can basically determine ready market. From the analysis of the hardware parameters, if it’s not a new series, then it most likely will be the legendary Butterfly 2.


HTC 0PAJ3 uses Qualcomm Snapdragon processor 801, the maximum frequency of 2.3GHz,, with 2GB RAM +16 GB ROM memory combinations. Screen is 1920×1080 full HD resolution. Front camera with a 500W +1300 W rear combination, in addition to the system is running Android 4.4.2. The special feature of this product should be a combination of the camera, it seems that HTC finally decided to no longer use the UltraPixel 400W pixel camera of.
If you put this into the current configuration of each brand’s flagship machine did not seem to brighten the place. But know this hardware from HTC, 600 (APQ8064), 200 million front +800 million rear combination of HTC’s flagship model generation Butterfly (X920e) adopted Xiaolong, running Android 4.1, so come over then you will find on the progress is obvious, but HTC has always been a very focused sense of design cell phone providers, hardware configuration can only say here is overstating it to a level with the other flagship, if the applications, software and UI Exterior details can make a breakthrough innovation. Then this product will have a very watchable.



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