Girls Gospel REDMI Mobile version May candy colors listed

XIAOMI its recent prominent among the products of non REDMI phone is none other than, the series will be thousands of smart phone market upsets Zhou Tian Han Toru, especially shortly before the launch of the REDMI NOTE eight thousand Yuan has even nuclear war into a climax, no matter the opponent how much is just marketing level, XIAOMI will undoubtedly be one of the happiest smile.

After the all-white color of the “rice”, XIAOMI LEI boss broke the news again, REDMI generation mobile phones in addition to the original black, white and red colors, will add another new version of the candy-colored series, there are two new all-yellow and pink color appears, post should have more versions available.

Candy-colored female users has always been a favorite, REDMI clearly more inclined to push the new color design for girls, prices are not more expensive than the original version, the mobile version is still 699 yuan, Telecom and China Unicom version sells for $ 799, is expected to be officially listed in May.

REDMI XIAOMI phone generation is very hot selling products online, with prices of $ 799 thousand in the domestic market to trigger earthquakes, mainstream configuration, low prices, combined with MIUI, so that the aircraft has been popular, which is why XIAOMI still REDMI 1 reason for him to work hard.




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