Don’t grab the REDMI Note second round burst push new sale model

Yesterday REDMI Note in the QQ space starting by users crazy panic buying. According to techweb, 12 points within the first second has 419000 people participate in panic buying, while XIAOMI official then bulletin also showed, in the activities after the looting has a large number of users from QQ space into REDMI purchase page server, causing blockage, user waiting time is too long, the message says panic buying ended at about twelve thirty. However, the surprise is, REDMI Note second offering will no longer panic buying form.

不用抢 红米Note第二轮爆推新发售模式第1张图

According to the XIAOMI QQ space page display, the April REDMI Note second wheel will adopt non panic buying patterns for sale, users do not have Internet speed, also need not Seckill. It is not known the next round of the REDMI Note sale will in the end what is the form of sale, and the number of. Notably, it only for the first time for users to buy.

不用抢 红米Note第二轮爆推新发售模式第2张图

REDMI Note enhanced version change run memory

不用抢 红米Note第二轮爆推新发售模式第3张图

REDMI Note enhanced version change run memory

In addition, run a memory (RAM) after the adjustment of the enhanced version of REDMI Note has been on the Ministry’s website, including mobile version (model 2013122) and China Unicom (model 2013121) two kinds of mode, adjust in time for the March 20th. The Ministry website, run a memory which is only 1GB. This means that the net friend attention REDMI Note enhanced version will soon meet with you, please look.


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