Just TCL has released 5.5 inch really eight nuclear new machine had earlier rumors, it is the most love machine TCL S720T, and detailed configuration and price of the machine are also reported.

778 yuan ultra REDMI Note TCL S720T mobile phone released today-86DIGI

In the disposition aspect, it uses a 5.5 inch IPS screen, high-definition black diamond with eight core processor, equipped with a 3300 MAH capacity, post 8000000 pixel camera and 7.95 mm ultra-thin fuselage. At the same time, it also runs Android 4.2.2 system and supports TD-SCDMA dual card dual standby.
In terms of software, it is also very special. The machine has unique "Da" face to face transmission technology (it is not known what, is it specifically refers to estimate is using MediaTek HotKnot technology, through mutual contact capacitance touch screen to transmit data), eight information screen gestures intelligent operation, double frequency WiFi function.
TCL said, this TCL Da mobile phone will be held tomorrow (March 28th) in the @ Suningyi purchase communication @ China Mobile terminal mall first appointment 10 o'clock in the morning, the price is only 778 yuan, but also cheaper than the standard version of the REDMI Note, the specific time to market have not yet been released.
Earlier rumors, the machine will also and REDMI Note, will also launch the enhanced version, this version will be released later estimated.