According to Taiwan media reports, due to lower than expected sales, the recent market rumors, shipments of iPhone 5C at the end of 2013 the sharp decline, the stock has more than 3000000 taiwan. The original equipment manufacturers and 2000000, telecom operators and distributors are more than 1000000 taiwan.
Apple has announced that its iPhone's quarterly sales reached a record high of 51000000 units, but the company may not be particularly pointed out how much iPhone 5C or iPhone 5S specific sales. IPhone 5C has been that the sales slump, it is far lower than the previous generation iPhone or more high-end 5S.

Apple’s iPhone 5C doesn’t sell inventory has reached 3000000-86DIGI

Message personage points out, the main problem of iPhone 5C is considerably higher than expected price, at the same time, it is much smaller than the standard 4 inch screen. Apple has already stopped production at the end of 2013 iPhone 5C, but a big problem inventory is still the apple and its partners.
Message personage says, because of the contract with apple and the high purchase price, most of the operators and retailers do not want to let iPhone 5C slashed prices in the short term. The current iPhone 5C in America contract price of $99 (16GB), $199 (32GB), bare metal prices are $549 and $649.
In the future, message personage thinks Apple turnovers will help the adjustment in the intelligent mobile phone's strategy, released the larger size of the iPhone to meet the needs of users.