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Double screen two generation of YotaPhone will launch in China

When it comes to double screen mobile phone, you will not be unfamiliar, clamshell mobile phone Samsung W series are used in this design. However, the mobile phone brand mentioned YotaPhone, maybe you don’t know. The mobile phone manufacturers from Russia Telecom Company spin out of the same name, and its dual intelligent mobile phone YotaPhone has launched the second generation products, and will also be listed in Chinese.

双面屏幕 二代YotaPhone将在中国推出第1张图

The second generation YotaPhone

Before the end of MWC 2014 exhibition, the second generation of YotaPhone officially unveiled, straight shape and design of double screen and is the biggest bright spot. Let people surprise, on the back of the new YotaPhone body is used in a 4.7 inch EPD (electronic paper display) touch screen, can play on some such as Sudoku, static game chess, display can also support Fitness Tracker, sports scores, news and other information. In addition, consumers do not need to worry about power consumption of screen, EPD technology plays a very important role in this one, compared to the AMOLED screen, it will also be more power.

双面屏幕 二代YotaPhone将在中国推出第2张图

The other configuration, the second generation of YotaPhone positive is a 5 inch 1080p (1920 x 1080 pixels) AMOLED screen, Xiaolong 800 quad core processors with frequency of 2.3GHz, with 2GB RAM+32GB ROM storage group, with 2000000 pixels around +800 million pixel camera, and run the Andriod 4.4 system, support for 4G LTE network, with Bluetooth NFC, Wi-Fi, and wireless charging function.

双面屏幕 二代YotaPhone将在中国推出第3张图

Thankfully, manufacturers have made clear that will be launched Chinese version, and will be sold in Chinese area. It is reported, this machine will be landing in Europe and the future America and other market. As for how the price, still no more sources.

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